For until my mind can cease to create words, or until such a time my hands cannot type, I plan to blog about my life and the lives of others using this website. This page right now is not so long, but by the time my words are gone, and my hands fall broken, I hope for it to be as long as the longest thing imaginable. A giraffes neck? The sun's circumference? I don't know. Maybe just a lot of scrolling. Let me continue with my introduction.
    My name is Allie Dennis, and currently I am a 9th grade student in a small school located in New Hampshire. I've been dancing for  one year now and have grown to love the art of it. I am a writer, but please expect to find some spelling and or grammar errors in my blog posts. Let us now move onto my first story.
    Although this event is quiet recent (and I plan for my stories to go back further), I thought I would start with something inspiring. Early in the month of May (2011, for you future readers) I accompanied my D block class to go to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. I saw so many beautiful pieces, and although the tour guide took forever, I absorbed every moment of it. Then I came to the piece you can see above. Just a simple ballerina, standing in fourth position, eyes closed looking up with confidence. She reminded me of how I struggle with fourth position, the hardest of all ballet positions in my opinion (feel free to argue), and how unlike her I had no confidence in my fourth position. I stared at her wondering how she could pull off so easily what for me was hard. This inspired me to practice my fourth, so as I stared at her I stood in fourth trying to mimic her confidence to pass it off as my own.
    On that day I learned two very important you should never attempt any type of dance moves in front of your classmates and not expect to be teased for it, and two confidence cannot be copied. You must learn to do things on your own to make things perfect. I still struggle with fourth position until today, and who knows maybe by the time this blog becomes popular I will be the best fourth position ballerina in the state of New Hampshire! I learned to improve towards perfection, not practice perfectly. Do you know what I mean? Maybe my 15 year old words aren't very wise but in my mind they hold meaning.
    I look forward to writing more of my stories to share with you and the rest of the world, and more importantly I look forward to sharing your stories with the world. I'll try to stay at a constant blog a week but no promises. ;)

~ Allie